JUNE 2013

Hey there friends.
Thanks a lot for coming by our site. As you can see we're just getting the ball rolling and we're on the front end of things, but whatever it was that lead you here at this point to know a bit more about the band is aces with us! In the months ahead we plan on releasing more new (bad-ass) singles and bit by bit we're aiming to burn our sound into enough ears to hopefully get on out there and come meet you all! So we just wanted to say quick hello and thank you for following through with Classick. We're a band that loves the feeling we (used to) get from great bands that you wanted to make a part of your life, so we hope we can find that same kinda audience out there to make some noise with us! We know there's lots of us who miss that feeling! So... stick around. Let's have some fun and turn it up louder – Classick.


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